The “beginning” In 2009, by chance, but thank god, the congolese Journalist Michele Mondo and the der EU-employee Torsten  Schüler from Cologne/Germany met at the O’Poeta Pizzeria in Kinshasa.   Both were each accompaning a friend to a dinner.  Michele was working as Manager and anchor woman for the television channel Tele France Kinshasa (TFK),  Torsten was member of a mobile team of advisors for the european union concerning the reformation of the  security sector in the DR Congo (EUSEC). ....Although the personal sympathy was limited in the beginning, both  realised quickly, that they had a lot in common, which was about to get consolidated.   Whereas Journalist Michele was concerned about the social situation of her country, vastly destroyed by  the civil war, Torsten was also deeply touched by the misery he was confronted with due to his daily work  with the congolese people. He quickly realized, that most approaches by big organisations did not work in  Congo due to the “after war shock” and that a slow, step by step engagement with little projects rather than  big ones would be more successfull. This is were german sincerity and the profound knowledge of country  and culture came together, thus helping establishing a foundation to properly support this country, which  also is a big source of minerals and other ressources. This was when the MiTo foundation was brought to life.