Since 1996, armed conflicts in the Democratic Republic Congo have resulted so far in the death of more then eight Million people, mostly innocent Civilians. Even today the young democracy is unstable and, mainly in the east of the country, people are still dying of hunger, illness and ongoing small regional conflicts. The congolese armed forces are underpaid und their sense of duty is often reduced by their fear not to be able to support their families properly. This is why those often travel with the Military towards the crisis areas to be close to their supporters, endangering them and the moral of the soldier who now fear for their dependants too close by. The MiTo-Foundation was created to support these military dependends, namely women and children. Starting in Kinshasa, MiTo supports the idea of independance by installing small shops and craft stores to give the needy the possibility to take care of themselves, thus avoiding dangers abroad. In the administrative area, MiTo accompains these little stores until they are able to function completely on their own. The MiTo foundation was established 2011 by Journalist Michèle Esther Mondo Kiwawa from Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic Congo.