link 1 link 2 link 3 link 4 Another prioject was building a  barber/beautyshop at Kinshasa-Ozone. Renovation and furnishing was again  managed solely by the members of the  foundation Besides establishing shops/stores, the  members of the Mito Foundation  repeatedly bought and distributed Food  to the children of the congolese military  at Camp Kokolo in Kinshasa.   Again members from the EUSEC  mission privately helped, like the  Luxemburger Dan Dethier.  MiTo members also supported the  donation of a sewing machine to the  president of the widows and orphans Union of Camp Kokolo.  The machine was one of many private  donations by the German Dr. Thomas  Sarholz working as well for the  EUSEC mission.  The first project of the MiTo foundation  was a small dressmaker-shop in  Kinshasa-Gombe. First of all a room  was rented, renovated and equipped  with sewing machines out of the private property of the founder of MiTo.  Renovation of the store, as well as a  new used Pfaff sexing/embroidery  machine was privately donated by the  German Torsten Schueler, working for  the EUSEC mission.